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More20 at Myxed Up 2019 Recap

The sights and sounds of More20 2019 at Myxed Up Creations

Myxed Up Mushroom at the Denver store for More20

Myxed Up Creations was excited to celebrate our 9th annual More20 event on Saturday October 19th and Sunday October 20th.  More20 was born in 2010 and has become our official customer appreciation celebration, and the perfect way to bridge the gap to the next 4/20.  A full year is too long to wait between 4/20 parties and Myxed Up Nation deserves a day that belongs to them, so this one is for you Myxed Up Fam!  Let's show some love for the people that really make this happen, our AMAZING Myxed Up customers!


Myxed Up Aurora crew for More20

Myxed Up Creations Colorado Springs storefrontWhen you walk into any Myxed Up Creations location, you can always count on being greeted with a smile!  The positive energy and vibes that we get back from our customers on More20 and 4/20 is contagious!  There is always an excitement and an anticipation leading up to the big days, and when the doors open up, you can feel the #MyxedUpLove in the air!  Within minutes of officially opening at 10 o'clock the legendary grab bags were already almost sold out. And just like that, we had our first Golden Ticket winners!  And the first of many winners throughout an awesome More20!

Aurora Golden Ticket Winner Colorado Grab Bag Golden Ticket Winner

Colorado Springs Golden Ticket Winner Aurora Grab Bag Golden Ticket Winner

More20 means that the Myxed Up Mushrooms get to come out and play. The reactions as the mushrooms frolic about the store is always quality!  You just never know what people are going to say or do in response to seeing the biggest mushroom they have most likely ever encountered.

Myxed Up Mushrooms in Denver Myxed Up Mushroom Aurora Chambers and Mexico

One of the pillars of the cannabis community are the glass blowers that make the art that we all love so much.  The unique hand blown glass made by local artists are an important part of any thriving scene.  As often as we can, we try our best to highlight these amazing artists to draw attention to their impressive skill set.  One of the best ways we can do that is to showcase these artists at work at our 4/20 and More20 events.  Once again we would like to thank these guys for coming down and spending their 420 with us!

Nicholas Lee of Fungal Frequency Glass  at the Denver store
Sandman Glass  at the Aurora store

Fungal Frequency Glass Blowing Myxed Up Denver

Fungal Frequency Glass More20 Myxed Up Denver sandman glass more20 Myxed Up Aurora

Sandman Glass Hand blown at More20

As with other recent editions of Myxed Up More20, one of the main highlights of the day and the weekend is always the musical performances. Once again we had musicians with a wide range of musical styles come down to the shops and share their talents with all of the Myxed Up Fam! It's always a great honor to have these local acts as our guests to be such an integral part of this amazing celebration. We would like to thank the following artists for lending us their talent.


Ryan.Manley -    
Subliminal -    
Synchronicity -    
Liquid Titanium - 


J Dirty   
DJ Steve Gonzo 

Colorado Springs

People Corrupting People
DJ Gravity - 

DJ Gravity
High Key -    
Affliction Music -   


From Beyond The Grave 

Ryan.Manley at More20 Myxed Up Denver Liquid Titanium at More20 Myxed Up Denver

DJ Synchronicity at More20 Myxed Up Denver DJ Subliminal at More20 Myxed Up Denver

DJ Steve Gonzo at More20 Myxed Up Aurora DJ Gravity on the wheels of steel at More20 Myxed Up Colorado Springs

DJ Gravity at More20 Myxed Up Colorado Springs Affliction Music at More20 Myxed Up Colorado Springs

D-Stylz and Bleezus Khrist at More20 Myxed Up Colorado Springs People Corrupting People at More20 Myxed Up Colorado Springs

Aurora More20 RSVP Contest Winner Aria vape Ryan.Manley Raffle win prize rig

Aurora More20 Raffle Winners Denver More20 Raffle Winners

Denver More20 DabBox Raffle Winners Ryan.manley with Phil and 250 Phil's Bills

Denver More20 50 Phil's Bills Winner Denver More20 100 Phil's Bills Winner

Colorado Springs More20 100 Phil's Bills Winner Colorado Springs More20 250 Phil's Bills Winner

Colorado Springs More20 RSVP Contest Winner Aria vape Colorado Springs More20 DabBox Raffle Winners

Thank you again to all of the Myxed Up Nation that came out to make this More20 another amazing adventure! You are the people that truly make this possible each and every year! We could not do this without your support day in and day out! The countdown to 4/20 2020 is REALLY ON NOW!

Phil's Bills Colorado Springs Myxed Up Mushroom Colorado Springs Cheba Hut More20 Munchies

Darren Aurora #MyxedUpLove Colorado Springs Music with Mushroom

Additional Photos courtesy of @djdeedeeeZest of Elegance

Fungal Frequency Glassblower on torch Myxed Up Mushroom Denver store

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