XVape Aria Dry Herb and Waxy Concentrate Vape Overview Video

Overview of the features and functionality of The Aria by XVape

The XVape Aria Portable Dry Herb and Concentrate Vaporizer Kit is a convenient 2-way Vape. In this episode of MyxedUpTV, Rachael from Myxed Up Creations in Aurora gives us the rundown on the Aria. Learn about some of the settings and options as well as the controls to get the most out of your Aria!


XVape Aria Dry Herb and Concentrate Vaporizer Overview from Myxed Up Creations on Vimeo.

Video Transcript

Hey what's up, guys? Today we're going to be talking about the Aria from XVape. This is a portable dry herb slash concentrate vaporizer. So, we're going to go ahead and show you some of the cool stuff that this guy has. So, we've got the device here. Let me go ahead and pull this guy out. You've got a sweet little accessory kit. We've got the charger, we got a cleaning brush, we got a nice little concentrate deal here, and we've got some extra screens. Also, on the actual device we have a cleaning brush. Right here, pretty snazzy.

Next we're going to show you how to turn this bad boy on. One, two, three, four, five on the button here. See how it immediately shows you the coffee pot here? Go ahead and check that out. See how it's flashing? When it goes steady, it's going to let you know that it's at optimum temperature, or the temperature that you set it at. Next, we're going to show you how to switch this bad boy between Fahrenheit and Celsius. We're going to hold the power button and the down button for about five seconds. We're going to see how that switches there. I'm going to show you how to switch it back. Power button, down button. See how that switches?

Next we're going to show you how to toggle in between the 10 minute setting and the five minute setting. We're going to hold the power button here and we're going to hold the top button here. See how that switched from nine minutes to four minutes? Just that simple. So again, top button, top button here.

Next we're going to show you how to properly load the Aria. We're going to take off the top here. We've got magnets, so it's a nice easy on/off. It's going to be a ceramic chamber, which is very nice, so that you don't end up heating up the mouthpiece when it gets a little hot. We've got the screens up here in the top. All of this comes out for easy cleaning, and you note a screen on the inside here. First you're going to ground up your product and loosely load it on the inside of this guy. We want to make sure that we're not over packing because it eliminates a lot of the air flow. Once you've got your product loaded on the inside there, we're going to put the mouthpiece back on there. As we already talked about, you're going to set your settings so that you can start vaping.

Now to load your concentrates, we're going to take the little screen on the inside here. We're going to drop it down in the bottom of the chamber. Make sure that your device is off before you do this. The Aria does get very hot. So, you see how it's on the bottom there? You're going to put your concentrates on the top there. Make sure that you're not loading a bunch in there so that it properly vapes.

Next I'm going to show you how to charge your Aria. You're going to notice a small micro USB charger right here at the bottom. In the kit, you get your USB adapter. You're going to want to make sure that you run your Aria completely dead before you go ahead and charge it up that first time.

All right guys, and this is the Aria. You can pick this up at any Myxed Up Creations location, or at MyxedUp.com.

Come on down to your local Myxed Up Creations in Denver, Aurora, Colorado SpringsPueblo and Grand Junction to check them out in person, or shop us online for the XVape Aria, or any other urban supply needs.

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XVape Vista Mini 2 Portable Vaporizer Overview and Tutorial Video

Take a look at the Vista Mini 2 e-nail and portable dab rig from XVape

XVape Vista Mini 2 Portable Vaporizer Tutorial Video Cover

In this episode of MyxedUpTV, we take a look at the new XVape Vista Mini 2 Portable Vaporizer. The XVape Vista Mini 2 Portable Vaporizer is a convenient and powerful electronic dab rig and e-nail for enjoying oils and concentrates. The Vista Mini 2 is the newest version of the very popular original Vista Mini by XVape.


The Vista Mini 2 is a statement piece and the perfect size for your desk, coffee table, or on the go. It comes with an impact resistant smell proof carrying case that can pack all your necessities for dabbing.

Video Transcript

What's up, everybody? On this episode of MyxedUpTV, we're going to be talking about the XVape Vista Mini 2. 

So let's talk about what's in the box. First thing you have is your XVape Vista Mini 2 unit. You've got your borosilicate flared mouthpiece. XVape dab tool. All-in-one crystal quartz bucket atomizers. USB charging cord. Keck clip. You're going to have two silicon connect rings. Alcohol prep pads for cleaning. Q-tips for cleaning. And replacement o-rings. 

First things first, you want to make sure that the unit's charged. The instruction manual suggests charging the unit up for a full two hours to make sure it's charged up to 100% before your first use. 

Now, let's talk about assembling and operating the unit. First thing you'll notice here is that you've got your borosilicate glass carb cap, o-ring housing unit. And this actually just unplugs from here. Get that unscrewed. Take that off. You've got the borosilicate detached glass bubbler, and you've got the battery. 

All right, now we've got the whole unit disassembled and we're going to show you how to put everything back together. So I've already got the silicone connect ring attached to the carb cap. As you can just see, it goes over the top of the carb cap. Securely fits on there, just slide it right over the top. And then that ring is going to go at the base of where the bubbler and the mouthpiece come together. And that's just going to hold the carb cap on there for easy access. So to get this thing back together, you've got the battery, you've got the bubbler unit. Get those attached. Now you take the o-ring, screw that on here. Take the all-in-one crystal quartz bucket. Get the atomizer screwed in here. At this point, it's probably the easiest time to go ahead and get the carb cap on there. Get that ready to go. And get the mouthpiece on here. Attach the keck clip. Now the full unit is assembled and ready to be used. 

Now, we've got the XVape Vista Mini 2 assembled and we're ready to go. The first thing we're going to want to do is get the bubbler filled up with water. So you've got to take the mouthpiece off here and you're just going to fill the bubbler up to the red line. Probably less than a half ounce of water will do it. I had a cup all ready to go. Get the water filled up to the red line there. Now that we have the water in there, you're ready to get this guy loaded up. Put the mouthpiece back on there, the keck clip on there. Got some CBD shatter here. Go ahead and get that loaded in the bucket. Now that's all loaded in and ready to go. Now we'll get the carb cap placed on here. Now we've got the bubbler filled up with water, we've got the product loaded up in the atomizer, we're ready to get this unit powered up and ready to go. 

To turn the unit on you're going to hit the power button three times, one, two, three. That's going to power the unit up. The LED indicator lights are going to tell you how much battery power you have left in the unit when you turn it on. If it glows white, you have 60% to 100% power. If it glows green, you have 20% to 60% power. If it glows red, as it is right now, then you've got less than 20% power. So to set the temperature on the XVape, you're going to want to hit the button two times, one, two. By hitting the button two times, you're going to be able to cycle between four different temperature settings. The first setting is white, for 536 degrees Fahrenheit. The second setting is green, for 608 degrees Fahrenheit. Third setting is blue, for 662 degrees Fahrenheit. And the fourth setting is red, for 752 degrees Fahrenheit. Select your temperature setting based on the viscosity of your concentrate and user preference. Once you have the temperature setting selected, hit the button one time to fire the unit up. Once the unit's reached the desired temperature, the LED indicator lights will stop blinking and the unit will vibrate with the haptic feedback to tell you that it's reached the temperature. Once it’s reached the temperature, you're ready to enjoy. 

So that's the Vista Mini 2 from XVape. You can pick this product up at any of our Colorado Myxed Up Creations locations or online at myxedup.com.

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Dabbing on the Go with Nectar Collector Style Dab Straws

Benefits and features of various nectar collector dab straw options

Nectar Collector Dab Straw video cover


In this episode of MyxedUpTV Rachael at Myxed Up Aurora gives us the rundown on all of the most popular dab straw glass pipes that we have available in a variety of different options. From basic dab straws, all the way to pipes with water filtering function and multiple interchangeable glass and titanium tips.

Dabbing on the Go with Nectar Collector Style Dab Straws from Myxed Up Creations on Vimeo.

At Myxed Up Creations we have many different styles of nectar collector dab straws, based on your desired price range and functionality, we are sure to have a mobile dabbing solution to meet your budget!

Products From the Video:

$12 Mini Nectar Collector Dab Straw

$18 Large Nectar Collector Dab Straw

$25 Dab Straw Nectar Collector by Shifty Glass

$40 Micro NC Honey Tip Nectar Collector

Video Transcript

Hey, what's up guys? Today we're going to start talking about dabbing on the go. First, we're going to show you the most easy way to do it. Nice little nectar collector, nice and simple. Real pretty. All of these guys here are going to be a glass option, so minimal temperature, minimal heat, maximum dabbage.

So, these are some of the examples of simple dabbing. We've got your basic straws here, and they get a little bit longer, they get a little bit thicker. And then we've got some removable options here. We've also got the big daddy here, which is the nectar collector with the water functions. Plus, we've got some extra kits, extra tips on the inside here. We've got the titanium tip, and we've got a quartz option.

First we're going to talk about how to use the simple dabbers here. With these guys, this one, this one, and this one. Very minimal heat, like I said, goes into this guy. So we're going to torch the tip for about 10 to 15 seconds, or until you see a nice orange hue. Once you see that orange hue, you're ready to go.

What you're going to want to do is make sure that you hold it at about a 45 degree angle and kind of tap your concentrate. That way, we're not flooding it on the inside, and you get the best hit.

With something a little thicker like this guy here made by our buddy Dan Barto, you've got a much wider tip here, show you here, and a nice wide open body. This gives you that more mouth to lung hit.

With this guy, nice option, made by our buddy Bubbler Dave, you have a glass on glass connection here. What this does is it makes it a whole lot easier to maintain the inside of your device. Now again, we can see this guy has a nice wide opening on the inside, great for air flow. So again, torch your tip for about 15 to 20 seconds with something like this, and still, at about a 45 degree angle, and tap your concentrates here.

Then we're going to talk about the Micro NC Kit. This is the guy that has the water functions. I'm going to show you how to assemble that bad boy. Pull it out here. See that we got the perk right here. The most important thing with this guy is where your water's at. Water is super important. We want to make sure that our water level isn't going up above the lines here, because unfortunately this guy's not spill-proof. We don't want to wear the water, that would be a bad day. Next, we're going to take the mouthpiece, give it a little quarter turn so nothing falls out. We're going to use the quartz tip today. Again, nice little quarter turn, nothing falls out. So same temperature as something like this, about 15 to 20 seconds and you're going to tap your concentrates. The cool part about this guy is it comes with a nice little glass concentrate dish so you can lay your concentrates on the inside of there and do your thing.

Next, we're going to show you the titanium tip here. See here? See how it goes in? Give it a little quarter turn. These guys don't tend to stay very well, so we've got two clips on the inside here to make sure that this guy doesn't fall off and you don't end up burnt. Nothing's coming out. With the titanium tip, you're going to end up torching for about 15 to 30 seconds. We want to see a nice orange hue on the top here. Once that happens, it's really important to maintain your 45 degree so that this guy doesn't get flooded. The most important part about this is where you're torching. You want to make sure that it's at the top here. If you're going towards the back here, it can cause this bad boy to crack. That's not what we want.

And that, guys, is dabbing on the go. You can pick up any of these devices at any Myxed Up location, or at MyxedUp.com.

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Dab Straws and How to Use Them Tutorial Video

Learn the benefits of a nectar collector dab straw and how to use one

Nectar Collector Style Dab Straws

Designed for oils, waxy concentrates and shatter, this simple yet elegant dab pipe features the innovative nectar collector style design.  To use a dab straw, just heat the tip and dab into your favorite concentrate product.  No need for extra pieces or changing tips.  Best when used with a glass dab tray.

Each dab straw is made from Pyrex glass and range in a variety of colors.  Check out the tutorial video for a full rundown on how to best utilize your new dab straw.

Products From the Video:

$12 Mini Nectar Collector Dab Straw

$18 Large Nectar Collector Dab Straw

$25 Dab Straw Nectar Collector by Shifty Glass

$2 Myxed Up Mushroom Silicone Concentrate Container

Video Transcript

Hey everybody. Welcome back to this episode of MyxedUpTV. I'm Todd and today we're going to be talking about dab straws. What are they? Well, most people think when you take a dab that you would need something like a water pipe or rig, something a little bit larger. Dab straws are probably the most efficient and probably the easiest way to dab without having to have all of the extras. I have here in front of you a few different styles of dab straws that we carry and then I'm going to use my own personal dab straw, which is one of the ones I have here to show you exactly how it all works.

A dab straw is basically what it sounds like. It's similar to a glass tube. One end will be for heating up for your nail where you'll heat this up and go into a concentrate, and the other end will be in a mouthpiece. At Myxed Up we do have a few different varieties. Our smallest ones are these guys. They're $12. We do have the next size up in that which is $18 so you can see here, heat up this end with your torch and use this end for your mouthpiece.

The one that I'm going to be using today are these guys here. I prefer these a little bit better. They are a little shorter than the long ones, but a little longer than the short ones, and they are about twice as thick in glass. So I do like these. These ones I believe are a much better dab straw than the smaller ones. But you can use anyone preferred on your price.

So normally with the dab you would heat up a nail and then you would use a tool to place your dab into your nail. Right? On a dab straw, it's similar, except you don't need the nail. You don't need the tool, you don't need a torch as big. We're actually just going to be using a small little guy today, and you can dab pretty much out of a lot of different things. So some people like to dab out of their silicone, non stick jars. That's what I'm going to use today. You could also use glass jars, glass dishes, things like that. That'll work just great, whatever you're going to keep your solid concentrates in.

So for those of you that know dabbing, we're going to be using a solid concentrate. That's what I have for us to use today. Just a little bit of shatter here and it's very simple. So as you can see, I have my dab straw on a nice little handy carrying case here. You put it on a lanyard, it could just hang on you. Put it in your pocket. Easy to go. Nice little leather guy. Pull it out. As you can see, this one's been used a little bit here. This is my own personal one. And so what I'll do is I'm going to heat the end up with a small torch and then we're just going to take this little concentrate and we're going to go down and we're just going to touch it with your dab straw.

So these are great for on the go. Great for traveling, very affordable, but you don't get water. So keys to heating this up. Make sure that you're not heating it up until it's glowing. If it's glowing red hot, that's way too hot. You want to make sure it cools down. With a nice smaller torch you don't have to take as long. The bigger ones are way too much for the glass and so you definitely don't want to be using those on your torch, unless you're good control and you can heat it up very evenly where you're not heating it up too much. So let's go ahead and we'll show you guys how to do this.

So we take our dab straw, take our torch, make sure we got our flame going, and then we're just going to slowly heat up the end of this torch. Now it doesn't take too long, it'll only take maybe ten seconds or so to really get your tip heated up to where you want it to be. I'm going to overheat it a little bit just so you guys can see the glow and that's what you don't want to do. As you can see now I'm starting to see just a tad bit of glow on the very end there. It might be a little bit difficult for you guys to see, but it's starting to glow just a hair. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to stop heating it up. I'm actually going to let it cool down a little bit because you don't want it that red hot when you do your dab and then once it cools down just a little bit, we're just going to touch it. Once we touch it, it'll vape.

There you go. So as you can see really easy, super quick. You don't have to pick anything up. You don't have to fumble with anything. It just stays right into your jar there. When I'm done, what's really nice with this guy is I can actually heat it up and since I have a leather case I can just drop it right back into my leather case and I don't have to worry about it getting hot or burning anything. And this can go right back into my pocket.

As for your concentrates. Yep. Just put your lid back on and you're ready to go. That's pretty much a whole set right here that you can take. Torch, dabber, and your concentrate all in one little kit and it can go in your pocket, go on your backpack, easy to go. So easy dabbing on the go. Dab straws 101. Right?

You guys can pick up these at myxedup.com or at any Myxed Up Creations locations. If you want something a little bit nicer, we also have water ones like Micro Nectar Collectors and things like that. Those guys are going to start out at about, I want to say $45 to $55 though on the website. So definitely check these smaller ones out, $12, $18 and I believe $25, $25 or $35 for the larger ones. It depends on the colors and things like that. But you can get, as you can see here, we have a slew of colors in the bigger ones and these ones are my favorite there you can see. But these work really nice, super convenient, and super ready for on the go. So thanks for watching everybody and we'll see you guys next time.

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Yocan Dive Electronic Concentrate Pen Overview Video

An electronic upgrade to the nectar collector style dab straw

Yocan Dive Concentrate Pen Video Cover

Are you ready to launch your dab game to the next level in 2020?  Check out the Dive by Yocan.  The Dive is an electronic nectar collector style concentrate pen with a ceramic coil that produces some of the best tasting vape and some of the best clouds you can get from any concentrate device!

Yocan Dive Electronic Concentrate Pen Overview from Myxed Up Creations on Vimeo.

YoCan is back at it again with more dank products for those of you that like taking dabs on the go but don't want to worry about a torch!  The Dive is an electronic dab straw that really packs a punch!

Video Transcript

Hey, what's up guys? Today we're going to be talking about the Dive from Yocan.

First things first, we're going to show you what's inside the box. We've got the Dive pen, comes with the charger, and it comes with an extra tip.

Next we're going to show you how to turn the Dive on. We've got the silver button here. One, two, three, four, five. See the flashing green button? Green light lets you know that the device is turned on. Then we use the magnetic closure here, you expose your coil.

You have three different temperature settings with your Dive. One, two, three switches you between your lowest, your medium, and your high setting. Your white light is your lowest setting: one, two, three. Your red setting is going to be your medium setting: one, two, three. Your green setting is going to be your highest setting. Now, why is that important? We want something with a little bit less vapor production, we're going to go down to a lower temperature setting. We want that one hitter quitter option, we're going to crank it up to the highest setting.

With this guy, this is going to be your mouthpiece. The only reason you'd ever really need to open this guy up is to clean your mouthpiece up here. You will build a little condensation from product on the inside.

When we're actually ready to dab with the Dive, you want to make sure that your device is at a 45 degree angle and you're going to touch your concentrates. With this device, it's very important to make sure that you're utilizing your angles. As we can see, this guy's not very wide open on the top. We want to encourage airflow on the inside.

To charge the Dive, you're going to utilize your in-kit micro USB charger and it plugs in right on the side here. What you want to do is when you pull it out of the box, make sure that you use it until it's completely dead. It does have about a quarter to half charge on it or a demo charge. Once this little light won't stop flashing at you and it's generally going to be a white light, when that won't start flashing at you, plug this in and monitor it for about two to three hours or until this light turns green. Whichever happens first is totally okay. The worst thing that you can do with your Dive is overcharge it. Once you've overcharged it, it does eliminate a lot of the battery memory out of this and you won't have your device for as long as you're going to want.

To clean the Dive, you're going to want to maintain your heating elements here. As we can see, this is a ceramic chamber up here. It's very, very, very simple to maintain. All you need to do is take a Q-tip with the tiniest little bit of alcohol on it or utilize an alcohol prep pad and wipe off the top. The cleaner that the top piece is, the better air flow that you're going to get, ultimately the better dab you're going to have.

And that guys is the Dive by Yocan. You can pick this up at any Myxed Up location or at here online!

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Overview of the Yocan Evolve Plus XL with Izzy Blazee

The Yocan Evolve Plus XL is designed to fit your active lifestyle

When you're out on-the-go, you don't have time to adjust what you are doing to meet the demands of your product. Yocan's new Evolve Plus XL is created with the active customer mind.  In this episode of Myxed Up TV, we welcome Good Time Guru Izzy Blazee (@izzy_blazee) to give you the rundown on why she's digging this new portable vaporizer by Yocan Vaporizers.


Video Transcript

What’s up everybody? It's your girl Izzy Blazee here bringing you the latest, greatest and most amazing goodies with Myxed Up Creations. Over the next few weeks I'm going to be showing you some of the coolest products that I personally use that you should be using because, why not? Let's have the best experience that you can create. Today I'm bringing you the Yocan Evolve Plus XL. For a girl like me who's always on the go, I need something that can keep up with my lifestyle. I don't really want to change how I'm doing things for a product. And the Yocan doesn't demand that of me at all.

First of all, let's just talk about the color. It comes in five color options. I obviously chose rose gold because, you know, I'm beautiful. One thing that I really love is, I'm constantly dealing with sticky threading. The Yocan comes with a magnetic seal. One other thing that also helps it stay clean is the fact that it has a cap on the coil. So even if your pen falls or anything like that, once again, nothing is going to come out.

It's got a quad coil system. So you're going to see four in the shape of a square. It's going to give you the most consistent taste in a really great heat distribution, so you're not going to lose flavor on any of your product. One thing I also love about this, since I'm always on the go, is not having to put things in my pocket or carry an extra bag. My product can go right in the bottom in the silicone container. You can have two options because you know a lady needs options.

In addition to all that good stuff, I know you're probably wondering, how does it hit though? I'm going to tell you. It has this really great airflow valve that you can literally shift around to see how much vapor you're wanting to produce. Not only that, you have the quad coil, therefore you're going to get big rips, big hits, and the greatest flavor you can. Not only through usages of Evolve Plus give you everything you need, they literally give you everything you need.

You're going to have your micro USB. Your handy-dandy dab tool You're also going to have the option of putting it on a lanyard. Who doesn't like hands free? And also an extra quad coil. So like most pens, you're going to want to know how to turn it on, right? You're probably going to want to use it. It's going to be five clicks on, and five clicks off. You can pick up the Yocan Evolve Plus XL at myxedup.com or at any of the amazing Myxed Up locations out here in Colorado.

Yocan Vaporizers
As you can see Yocan has a great selection of amazing vaporizers. With vapes like The Dive, Magneto, And Evolve lines it's no wonder they are one of the fastest growing brands in the industry. Come on down to your local Myxed Up Creations in Denver, Aurora, Colorado SpringsPueblo and Grand Junction to check them out in person, or shop us online for all of your urban supply needs.
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Make Your Own THC Infusions With a Magical Butter Herbal Infusion Machine

 Cooking On Another Level With a Magical Butter Herbal Infusion Machine

Time to get cooking, and the Magical Butter Herbal Infuser can get you started with ease. Designed to infuse a slew of herbs into a variety of different products such as butters, lotions, tinctures and more. Today we take you inside the Magical Butter Kitchen with Chris Whitener as we show you just how easy it can be to infuse your foods for daily consumption.

Video Transcript

Todd:    What's going on, everybody? Todd here from Myxed Up TV, and today we're in the Magical Butter kitchen with my buddy, Chris Whitener.

Chris:     What's up, Todd? How you doing?

Todd:    Good, man. Just hanging out, man. Thank you so much for inviting us down to learn a little bit about your machine.

Chris:     Absolutely. We're really excited to bring this Magical Butter machine and teach everybody at home exactly how it works.

Chris:     So this is the Magical Butter Botanical Extractor. It's ideal for creating butters, oils, and tinctures at the touch of a button. It comes complete with a purify filter bag, a silicone LoveGlove, and an owner's manual so you know exactly what to do. So let's show you what it's all about.

Chris:     This is the Magical Butter Botanical Extractor. You have your powerful immersion blender here, sharp blade, temperature thermostat, and overflow sensor. The machine can hold two to five cups of liquid, and you can process anywhere from a half ounce all the way up two and a half ounces.

Todd:    Two and half ounces of herbs?

Chris:     That's right.

Todd:    Holy cow, those are good brownies, huh?

Chris:     Very user friendly experience. You have the one hour setting for cooking oils, coconut oils. Two hour button for creating butters. And the four hour setting for creating alcohol tinctures.

Todd:    Nice, so what are the other buttons for then?

Chris:     We also have an eight hour stand alone cycle if you want to go slow and low and a blend/clean function.

Todd:    Oh, that's pretty convenient.

Chris:     So the machine comes complete with your purify filter bag, and this is just a mesh nylon bag perfect for straining out all the sediment from your infusions. So when the machine is finished, it's going to get all mixed up, all the plant matter will be chopped up. Pour it right through this filter.

Magical Butter Machine

Chris:     So we have here a tincture that we went ahead and set at 130 degrees for four hours.

Todd:    Okay.

Chris:     Show you exactly how easy it is to strain out your product. So you get your purify filter bag.

Todd:    Okay.

Chris:     And this LoveGlove is perfect to keep your hand clean and safe. So we'll go ahead now and slowly pour this through the filter into our catch container. We've got 28 grams of decarboxylated flour in there, and now we're going just let that naturally strain out. And using our LoveGlove, we can give it a nice squeeze to get every last drop.

Todd:    And it could also save you some money in the long term.

Chris:     Absolutely, I know for a small two ounce bottle of tincture, it's pretty pricey. You can make a whole batch, and it'll last you all year long.

Todd:    So Chris, how much is one of these things at Myxed Up?

Chris:     Well Todd, you get the complete Magical Butter kit including the botanical extractor, the purify filter bag, and the silicone LoveGlove, all for $220.

Todd:    Man, that's awesome. And you can also check them out at Myxedup.com , and we'll even ship them right to your house.

Chris:     Wow, that's great.

Todd:    Isn't it? Man, thanks so much for having me out here today, Chris. I super appreciate it, man. It's been a fun trip. Thanks everybody out there. We really appreciate our Myxed Up family. As always, I'm Todd, and this is Myxed Up TV. We'll see you later.

Chris:     Thanks a lot. Peace out.

Magical Butter Machine Box

The Magical Butter Herbal Infuser is a great addition to any kitchen set up. Not only for its ability to infuse foods, But also make tinctures, lotions, and so much more... If you would like to check out one of our amazing Magical Butter Machines please come in to any of our Myxed Up Creation locations in Denver, Aurora, Colorado SpringsPueblo and Grand Junction, Colorado. Or shop online at MyxedUp.com.

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The Flower Power Grinder Overview Video

The Flower Power Grinder is the fastest and most powerful electric herb grinder on the market?

Today on Myxed Up TV Todd gives us a look at a brand new product at Myxed Up Creations, The Flower Power Grinder.  This grinder is a revolutionary electric herb grinder, that will have you grinding your teas, potpourri, tobacco, or just about any herbs you like, with power and ease.  The Flower Power Grinder will save you time, with it's high powered motor and the extra durable stainless steel grinding blade.  And if you are an individual with arthritis, or you suffer with other hand mobility issues, The Flower Power Grinder is so easy to use that anyone can enjoy the benefits.  Included in the package are a handful of useful accessories that make The Flower Power Grinder an excellent value.  If you are an individual that likes to grind up your herbs to roll your own hand rolled cigarettes, if you vape with any regularity, or even if you just like to puff on a classic pipe, the Flower Power Grinder is perfect for you.

You can find The Flower Power Grinder, as well as many other herb grinding options at any of our four Colorado locations in Denver, Aurora, Colorado SpringsPueblo, and Grand Junction, Colorado, as well as right here on our website.

Video Transcript

Hey everybody. Todd here for Myxed Up Creations, and today we’ve got a great new product for you it's called The Flower Power Grinder. It's a brand new revolutionary electric herb grinder that you can only get from Myxed Up Creations right now.  So stay tuned with us. What we're going to do today is open this guy up. We’re gonna show you all the ins-and-outs how to use it and it even has a few specialties to it as well, so stay tuned.

Alright folks, thanks for sticking with me. Today we're going to be showing you The Flower Power Grinder. It's a new electric grinder on the market. Really nice. At first glance this box looks great. I mean look at all the detail they’ve put into this. Nice front window. Very hard and sturdy designed box. Let's get into this and take a good look. Very nice and sturdy right out of the box here. So this is it folks. Very nice. It’s got the lid on the top. Grinding plate on the bottom there. This part comes out for your pan, so everything locks in nicely together here so it doesn't pop out on you. And this is your lid for your bowl that goes nice on top. Then you just push down. That turns it on. Super simple. We're going to actually... we’ll plug this in and grind a little bit for you here in a second. I’ll show you what else comes in this box so. Here we have the vacuum lid. This actually goes down on top of here, and I'll show you the vacuum pump for that guy in a little bit. This other lid, this is actually a lid for your grinder. So after you're done grinding if you have to put your stuff in here you can put a lid on this so you don't get any dust or anything else inside of your actual grinding wheel. Next in the box I have the pump.  So this is the vacuum pump that comes with the grinder. Pretty simple. This guy sits down on top of here. Give it a few pumps. I'll definitely show you how that all takes care of as well. You're also going to get a nice silicone brush as you can see here. Flower Power silicone brush. This is both to get out of here and out of here, and helps you keep your terps and stuff, they don’t really stick or anything else, get’s all that out. Let’s see. We’ve got an instruction manual. Looks like some caution guidelines and some assembly.  Very simple. And then an extension cord, so that way if you're too far away from your wall, you just plug that into that and it goes even further. But for today, I’m not going to need to use the extension cord. I have a cord right here already. Plug that in. Alright. And we are going to do a demo here with some dried herbs for you guys, so you can see what we got here. I'm going to go ahead and take and put some herb in there. And we’re gonna take this herb and just drop it right down inside of here. Very simple. Take this, put it right on top of your bowl. It sits on really nicely. And then all you have to do is just give it a nice buzz. I’ll try and turn it so you can see it a little bit.  Pretty simple, I mean that was literally like a second. You can do it one more second. Once it stops, turn it upside down and everything falls out right into your jar. As you can see, there's a little bit down in there, but that’s what our brush is for. And that looks actually really good in there. But if you're not going to use up all of your herbs, what you'll do next is you can take your lid here, and that goes down on top. And if you look right here, there’s a little tiny nipple. So what’ll happen is, we’ll put this pump on top of here. And then we’ll pull up, and pull up. And if you do that like three times. And then, we’ll look at our lid. See that little button right there how it’s depressed? That means we’re vacuum sealed. So there you go. Nothing's gonna come out. It’s gonna stay nice and fresh inside of your jar here. Pretty easy to get off there. You just pop it open. Other than that though it's a pretty nice unit. I really enjoy this guy. The new blade system in there has been reworked. Usually, you know, a basic coffee grinder... you'll burn out a coffee grinder in maybe a month or two. But with these guys, they’ll go through maybe 20 different coffee grinders before you would go through one of The Flower Power Grinder. So really tried and true on that. The motor in there is a 5000 RPM motor, 200 watt motor. So it really does very well with the grinding. It really gets a lot done. You can do almost up to an ounce, I think, at a time in this grinder.  If you're having trouble with your hands, you have arthritis or anything. Just the simplicity in all of this just makes it easy for anybody. If you roll a lot or vape a lot, you might need something like this. If you're doing teas or even potpourri, you can grind pretty much any herb up that you would like, so. Thanks for watching this tutorial guys. We appreciate it. Remember, The Flower Power Grinder.

Alright guys, as you can see, The Flower Power Grinder is going to be one of the new revolutionary electric grinders on the market. You can pick these up at all Myxed Up Creations locations. You can pick ‘em up at myxedup.com. You can pick them up at flowerpowergrinder.com. Make sure that if you like our videos and our tutorials do you subscribe to the link below. And check us out on Facebook and Instagram. We appreciate it. So, have a good one guys.

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Detoxify Brand Personal Detox Product Line Overview Video

Get rid of unwanted toxins with Detoxify Brand personal detox products.

Today on Myxed Up TV Todd gives us an overview of all of the Detoxify Brand detox products carried at Myxed Up Creations. Detoxify is a leader in the personal detoxification industry, for those people who are serious about periodic intensive cleansing. Detoxify offers both temporary as well as permanent detoxing solutions. These detoxes are great for all unwanted toxins and work for any weight class and body type.  We are proud to carry a wide variety of Detoxify products. If your looking to restore your body to healthy balance, Detoxify is the way to go.

You can find Detoxify Brand detox products, as well as many other personal detox and wellness products at any of our four Colorado locations in Denver, Aurora, Colorado SpringsPueblo and Grand Junction, Colorado.

Video Transcript

Hey everybody. Todd here. And today we're going to talk to you about a detox product that we carry here at Myxed Up Creations. The name brand, Detoxify. Detoxify is a great detox product that works for all slew of toxins across the board. And it’ll work for any weight size. So big or small, this is the detox that’ll get rid of it all. They have a few different styles. So you can get three different flavors in the Ready Clean. These will need a 48-hour pre-cleanse time where you can't have any toxins, as well as an Xxtra Clean that comes in the tropical fruit. This one we would recommend for a larger heavy toxin user. The Green Clean and Mega Clean these will work instant, same day. So no pre-cleanse time needed. The Green Clean is two small bottles that you can take. They kind of tastes like green tea. The Mega Clean is a big bottle already mixed, but you’ll have to fill this up with water and drink that whole entire thing with water. We do carry a Constant Cleanse that will have you permanently clean. The Ever Clean is a 5 day program. And then we have the Constant Cleanse program which is a 20 day Herbal thing. So once you're done with those 5 day or 20 day regiments then you'll be completely clean as long as you stay toxin-free. With all these you can also take a PreCleanse Herbal pill. I would recommend these before you take the Detoxes. They’ll help your body align so that way they’ll help you get rid of the toxins faster. You can pick all of these up at Myxed Up Creations or at myxedup.com. And feel free to, you know, subscribe to all of our YouTube videos, see us out on Instagram and come back and we'll talk to you again later.

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Quartz Bangers: Different Styles and How to Use Tutorial

Take on the world of Dabbin' like a pro with quartz bangers

Quartz Bangers are a style of nail used for smoking concentrates inside of a rig or a water pipe. Today we're going to go over a bunch of different styles that we carry from the most generic, to the high roller. We've got a few rigs to show you, and personal preference of mine on one of the nails, how to use it, how to take a dab, and how to keep your quartz bangers clean.

Types of Bangers

Standard Banger

This standard banger is the most basic and simple to use of all of the banger styles. The thin walled banger takes much less heat to reach a dabbing temp and cools quickly as well. Made with a large quartz dish these bangers come in all glass on glass sizes 10mm, 14mm, 18mm both male and female joints. Perfect for the starting dabber.
Standard Quartz Banger

Thermal Bangers

A slight upgrade from the standard style, the thermal bangers are designed to keep your dabs vaping at a much lower temp. These bangers are designed to keep the heated quartz from touching the dabs directly, causing a longer and much more enjoyable dabbing experience.
Thermal Quartz Banger

Thermal Insert Bangers

A new design similar to the regular thermal bangers are these thermal insert bangers. They come with a seperate quartz dish that you place your dabs into. This allows for your quartz dish to stay very clean and still have the long and flavorful dab that you come to expect with a thermal banger.
Thermal Insert Quartz Bangers

Reactor Core Bangers

Letting the good times roll with a reactor core banger. These bangers have solid quartz cylinder in the center to hold heat and retain a much longer dabbing experience. This banger takes a little longer to heat up, and it stays hotter longer, retaining its heat for a long dab. The reactor core banger works best when combined with a directional carb cap. A must have for the daily dabber.
Reactor Core Quartz Bangers

High End Quartz

At the top of scale for quartz bangers, we run into a few brands that play above them all. The Joel Halen troughs and the Mayoral Bangers are a few high end quartz nails we carry at the shops. USA assembled and designed with the high class dabber in mind for a perfect dab every time.
Joel Halen Quartz TroughMayoral Quartz Banger

Let's Get Dabbing

Once we have decided the style of quartz banger we are going to add to our rig or water pipe, it's time to try and take our first dab. Make sure to have all of your necessities handy and ready to go. You're going to need a torch, a dab tool, the concentrate that your going to dab, and your assembled rig with your banger. Carb Caps and other accessories are a great addition to a perfect dab but not necessarily needed.

Heating up your Quartz Banger

Take your torch and ignite it, aiming the flame away from anything flammable at all times. Make sure to evenly distribute heat on the base of your banger without heating up the glass from your rig or water pipe. Your banger will only take about 20 seconds or so to heat up to a proper temp.
*Note, If the banger starts to change colors and glow stop heating and let cool
Make sure to allow your banger to cool for about ten seconds to make sure the intense heat from the torch dissipates and cools to a proper dab temp. Once you are satisfied with the proper temperature, go ahead and use your dab tool to place a dab into your quartz banger.
Placing Dab Into Quartz Banger
As you place your dab into your banger, start to draw from the mouthpiece to allow the vapor to move through your rig or water pipe. If you have a carb cap, then now is the time to place your cap on top of the banger. The carb cap will create a diffusion of air and smoke, allowing your dab to roll and make for a much longer and satisfying hit.
Carb Cap On Banger


Thanks for taking some time to learn a little about quartz bangers and how to use them. Following these steps will have even the most novice dabber dabbing like a pro in no time at all.
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