The Flower Power Grinder Overview Video

The Flower Power Grinder is the fastest and most powerful electric herb grinder on the market?

Today on Myxed Up TV Todd gives us a look at a brand new product at Myxed Up Creations, The Flower Power Grinder.  This grinder is a revolutionary electric herb grinder, that will have you grinding your teas, potpourri, tobacco, or just about any herbs you like, with power and ease.  The Flower Power Grinder will save you time, with it's high powered motor and the extra durable stainless steel grinding blade.  And if you are an individual with arthritis, or you suffer with other hand mobility issues, The Flower Power Grinder is so easy to use that anyone can enjoy the benefits.  Included in the package are a handful of useful accessories that make The Flower Power Grinder an excellent value.  If you are an individual that likes to grind up your herbs to roll your own hand rolled cigarettes, if you vape with any regularity, or even if you just like to puff on a classic pipe, the Flower Power Grinder is perfect for you.

You can find The Flower Power Grinder, as well as many other herb grinding options at any of our four Colorado locations in Denver, Aurora, Colorado SpringsPueblo, and Grand Junction, Colorado, as well as right here on our website.

Video Transcript

Hey everybody. Todd here for Myxed Up Creations, and today we’ve got a great new product for you it's called The Flower Power Grinder. It's a brand new revolutionary electric herb grinder that you can only get from Myxed Up Creations right now.  So stay tuned with us. What we're going to do today is open this guy up. We’re gonna show you all the ins-and-outs how to use it and it even has a few specialties to it as well, so stay tuned.

Alright folks, thanks for sticking with me. Today we're going to be showing you The Flower Power Grinder. It's a new electric grinder on the market. Really nice. At first glance this box looks great. I mean look at all the detail they’ve put into this. Nice front window. Very hard and sturdy designed box. Let's get into this and take a good look. Very nice and sturdy right out of the box here. So this is it folks. Very nice. It’s got the lid on the top. Grinding plate on the bottom there. This part comes out for your pan, so everything locks in nicely together here so it doesn't pop out on you. And this is your lid for your bowl that goes nice on top. Then you just push down. That turns it on. Super simple. We're going to actually... we’ll plug this in and grind a little bit for you here in a second. I’ll show you what else comes in this box so. Here we have the vacuum lid. This actually goes down on top of here, and I'll show you the vacuum pump for that guy in a little bit. This other lid, this is actually a lid for your grinder. So after you're done grinding if you have to put your stuff in here you can put a lid on this so you don't get any dust or anything else inside of your actual grinding wheel. Next in the box I have the pump.  So this is the vacuum pump that comes with the grinder. Pretty simple. This guy sits down on top of here. Give it a few pumps. I'll definitely show you how that all takes care of as well. You're also going to get a nice silicone brush as you can see here. Flower Power silicone brush. This is both to get out of here and out of here, and helps you keep your terps and stuff, they don’t really stick or anything else, get’s all that out. Let’s see. We’ve got an instruction manual. Looks like some caution guidelines and some assembly.  Very simple. And then an extension cord, so that way if you're too far away from your wall, you just plug that into that and it goes even further. But for today, I’m not going to need to use the extension cord. I have a cord right here already. Plug that in. Alright. And we are going to do a demo here with some dried herbs for you guys, so you can see what we got here. I'm going to go ahead and take and put some herb in there. And we’re gonna take this herb and just drop it right down inside of here. Very simple. Take this, put it right on top of your bowl. It sits on really nicely. And then all you have to do is just give it a nice buzz. I’ll try and turn it so you can see it a little bit.  Pretty simple, I mean that was literally like a second. You can do it one more second. Once it stops, turn it upside down and everything falls out right into your jar. As you can see, there's a little bit down in there, but that’s what our brush is for. And that looks actually really good in there. But if you're not going to use up all of your herbs, what you'll do next is you can take your lid here, and that goes down on top. And if you look right here, there’s a little tiny nipple. So what’ll happen is, we’ll put this pump on top of here. And then we’ll pull up, and pull up. And if you do that like three times. And then, we’ll look at our lid. See that little button right there how it’s depressed? That means we’re vacuum sealed. So there you go. Nothing's gonna come out. It’s gonna stay nice and fresh inside of your jar here. Pretty easy to get off there. You just pop it open. Other than that though it's a pretty nice unit. I really enjoy this guy. The new blade system in there has been reworked. Usually, you know, a basic coffee grinder... you'll burn out a coffee grinder in maybe a month or two. But with these guys, they’ll go through maybe 20 different coffee grinders before you would go through one of The Flower Power Grinder. So really tried and true on that. The motor in there is a 5000 RPM motor, 200 watt motor. So it really does very well with the grinding. It really gets a lot done. You can do almost up to an ounce, I think, at a time in this grinder.  If you're having trouble with your hands, you have arthritis or anything. Just the simplicity in all of this just makes it easy for anybody. If you roll a lot or vape a lot, you might need something like this. If you're doing teas or even potpourri, you can grind pretty much any herb up that you would like, so. Thanks for watching this tutorial guys. We appreciate it. Remember, The Flower Power Grinder.

Alright guys, as you can see, The Flower Power Grinder is going to be one of the new revolutionary electric grinders on the market. You can pick these up at all Myxed Up Creations locations. You can pick ‘em up at myxedup.com. You can pick them up at flowerpowergrinder.com. Make sure that if you like our videos and our tutorials do you subscribe to the link below. And check us out on Facebook and Instagram. We appreciate it. So, have a good one guys.

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Detoxify Brand Personal Detox Product Line Overview Video

Get rid of unwanted toxins with Detoxify Brand personal detox products.

Today on Myxed Up TV Todd gives us an overview of all of the Detoxify Brand detox products carried at Myxed Up Creations. Detoxify is a leader in the personal detoxification industry, for those people who are serious about periodic intensive cleansing. Detoxify offers both temporary as well as permanent detoxing solutions. These detoxes are great for all unwanted toxins and work for any weight class and body type.  We are proud to carry a wide variety of Detoxify products. If your looking to restore your body to healthy balance, Detoxify is the way to go.

You can find Detoxify Brand detox products, as well as many other personal detox and wellness products at any of our four Colorado locations in Denver, Aurora, Colorado SpringsPueblo and Grand Junction, Colorado.

Video Transcript

Hey everybody. Todd here. And today we're going to talk to you about a detox product that we carry here at Myxed Up Creations. The name brand, Detoxify. Detoxify is a great detox product that works for all slew of toxins across the board. And it’ll work for any weight size. So big or small, this is the detox that’ll get rid of it all. They have a few different styles. So you can get three different flavors in the Ready Clean. These will need a 48-hour pre-cleanse time where you can't have any toxins, as well as an Xxtra Clean that comes in the tropical fruit. This one we would recommend for a larger heavy toxin user. The Green Clean and Mega Clean these will work instant, same day. So no pre-cleanse time needed. The Green Clean is two small bottles that you can take. They kind of tastes like green tea. The Mega Clean is a big bottle already mixed, but you’ll have to fill this up with water and drink that whole entire thing with water. We do carry a Constant Cleanse that will have you permanently clean. The Ever Clean is a 5 day program. And then we have the Constant Cleanse program which is a 20 day Herbal thing. So once you're done with those 5 day or 20 day regiments then you'll be completely clean as long as you stay toxin-free. With all these you can also take a PreCleanse Herbal pill. I would recommend these before you take the Detoxes. They’ll help your body align so that way they’ll help you get rid of the toxins faster. You can pick all of these up at Myxed Up Creations or at myxedup.com. And feel free to, you know, subscribe to all of our YouTube videos, see us out on Instagram and come back and we'll talk to you again later.

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Yocan Evolve 2.0 Vaporizer Pen

Vape It All With The Yocan Evolve 2.0 Vaporizer Pen

Yocan has done it again with a new style of vaporizers that can use a multitude of products ranging from nicotine and salted e-juices to solid concentrates. This three-in-one system allows the vaporizers user to switch conveniently between products with ease. Simply choose the pod for the correct product, fill and vape away! It couldn't be easier with the Yocan Evolve 2.0 Vaporizer Pen added to your collection. Check out this video from MyxedUpTV that shows you the ins and outs of this new iconic vape.

Video Transcript:

What's going on everyone? Token With Todd here from Myxed Up Creations. Today we're going to be talking with you about the Evolve 2.0. It's a brand new vaporizer from Yocan. It comes with a 3-in-1 vaping system. It'll smoke your nicotine vapes. It'll smoke your salted vapes as well as waxes and shatters in the new coil system. Today what we're going to do is we're going to open it up, show you all the different features, the batteries and all the extras that come with it. If you guys enjoy these little videos, make sure you're hitting that subscribe button so you don't miss out on anything. Stay tuned. This is the Evolve 2.0.

Thanks for sticking with us everybody. Here we have the Yocan Evolve 2.0, super nice little vape. Let's go ahead and open it up, shall we? There it is. I'll go ahead and put the lid to the side here. This is our Yocan 2.0 3-in-1 vaporizer, really nice unit. This one here is a rose gold. It's a real nice little unit there. Let's go ahead and set that down. In the box you're also going to get a couple different things. You're going to get your how to use pods card. It's going to show both your regular nic and salted nic pods as well as your coil pods for shatters and waxes. I'm going to set that down. Now we have our Yocan Evolve 2.0 instructional manual. This you're going to want to keep a hold of. It's going to go through all your different parts, functions, how to use it, how to fill, what each pod's for. You'll definitely want to keep this thing. We'll go ahead and keep going here as we jump in.

Here we have your Evolve 2.0 cartridges. These cartridges, you're going to get 3 different ones in your Evolve 2.0. These two cartridges here are going to be for your E-juices like nicotine vapes. Your white one or clear one here on this side has a smaller hole on the side. This is going to be more for your regular styled nic salt E-juices. You're also going to have your green top here which is a thick oil pod. You could do a thick THC oil or something like that. Your thicker juices you'll want to put in here, or even a high VG juice.

Your third tank is actually already here on top of your vape battery. To remove it, you're just going to pull off the top just like that. It's magnetic, very simple to do. Then these pieces actually just pop off here and you can see right down in the coil there. This is a dual quartz coil there that you could see on the bottom. This would be designed for your shatters, waxes, hash solid concentrates, things like that. Once you would put your product in there you would just drop your top right back on there and then magnetically insert right into your lid. You're also going to be getting a USB charger in your kit, micro USB, pretty standard in the vape community. If you've got a nice Android or a lot of different charging units today, they usually use a micro USB, so pretty easy to get.

Yocan Evolve 2.0 Coils

Now when you want to use this guy, what we're going to do here is we'll go ahead and turn this one on. You get five taps on the button and then it flashes on. Now when I tap the button you can see that it turns on. Five more taps and it'll flash at you and now it'll turn itself off so when I touch the button it doesn't turn on. We'll go ahead, one, two, three, four, five, turn it back on here. Now what I'm going to try to do is just pull off the regular top and leave the coils in here. Let's see if I hold the button down and show you guys just how it heats up. You can see there it's starting to heat up. You've got a little bit of glow in there. There it goes. I want to get it closer to the camera for you. There we go.

Very nice, heats up very quickly. Make sure when you're filling this that you don't touch the coils. You don't want to poke the coils in there. You also don't want to touch any metal to it while it's on. It got a little out of focus there. Very easy to use. Put our lid back on here. Five more taps, one, two, three, four, five, and it'll flash at you. What's really nice about this is it's nice and sleek, but if you wanted to you could have multiple vaping functions for your night out. Pull off your concentrate top when you don't want to smoke any concentrates. You can just throw in your standard vape tops. Toss a vape top in, vape on it a little bit. Oh, you want to go back to your waxes and shatters? Just pop it out, simply just as this. Pull it out, pop it back in, the next one, and then you can go to town.

Very, very simple overall unit. It looks like you're going to get about a ... Oh, there's three different adjustable temperature settings as well. To change those temperature settings what we're going to do is go through on our button here, one, two, three, four, five, turn it on. Now that we're on, we're blue. We go one, two, three, it's going to change. Now we're at our green setting. Then one, two, three, it's going to change and we are now at our white setting. White, blue, green is your different settings there. One, two, three, change to blue.

As you can see, you can be able to heat it up or cool it down for different temperature settings, which really work well with the quartz coils. One, two, three, four, five, turn it back off and then you're ready to go. Toss it into your pocket and do whatever you want. Super nice little unit there. Battery life is only about a 650 milliamp battery. You're not going to get a whole lot of use out of it, but with the smaller coil styles and stuff you'd get a nice full day out of it. It only takes about an hour or two for charging so it's a quick charge unit as well. Really nice little unit overall. I hope you guys enjoyed this one, the Yocan Evolve 2.0.

Yocan Evolve 2.0 Instores

Well there you have it. Pretty simple, isn't it? The Evolve 2.0, super sweet little new vaporizer, especially if you guys are into nicotine salts as well as regular juices and even the shatters and dabs every now and again. Really, really nice little unit there. I hope you guys really enjoyed this. Make sure you're hitting that subscribe button there at the end. As always, I'm Token With Todd and we appreciate you guys. We'll see you next time.

 Yocan Vaporizers

So it's safe to say Yocan has taken the evolve to the next level with it's three in one vaping system. if you would like to check out the Yocan Evolve 2.0 in person, you can stop bye any of our local Myxed Up Creations locations in Denver, Aurora, Colorado SpringsPueblo and Grand Junction. You can also shop online and order straight to your door.

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Quartz Bangers: Different Styles and How to Use Tutorial

Take on the world of Dabbin' like a pro with quartz bangers

Quartz Bangers are a style of nail used for smoking concentrates inside of a rig or a water pipe. Today we're going to go over a bunch of different styles that we carry from the most generic, to the high roller. We've got a few rigs to show you, and personal preference of mine on one of the nails, how to use it, how to take a dab, and how to keep your quartz bangers clean.

Types of Bangers

Standard Banger

This standard banger is the most basic and simple to use of all of the banger styles. The thin walled banger takes much less heat to reach a dabbing temp and cools quickly as well. Made with a large quartz dish these bangers come in all glass on glass sizes 10mm, 14mm, 18mm both male and female joints. Perfect for the starting dabber.
Standard Quartz Banger

Thermal Bangers

A slight upgrade from the standard style, the thermal bangers are designed to keep your dabs vaping at a much lower temp. These bangers are designed to keep the heated quartz from touching the dabs directly, causing a longer and much more enjoyable dabbing experience.
Thermal Quartz Banger

Thermal Insert Bangers

A new design similar to the regular thermal bangers are these thermal insert bangers. They come with a seperate quartz dish that you place your dabs into. This allows for your quartz dish to stay very clean and still have the long and flavorful dab that you come to expect with a thermal banger.
Thermal Insert Quartz Bangers

Reactor Core Bangers

Letting the good times roll with a reactor core banger. These bangers have solid quartz cylinder in the center to hold heat and retain a much longer dabbing experience. This banger takes a little longer to heat up, and it stays hotter longer, retaining its heat for a long dab. The reactor core banger works best when combined with a directional carb cap. A must have for the daily dabber.
Reactor Core Quartz Bangers

High End Quartz

At the top of scale for quartz bangers, we run into a few brands that play above them all. The Joel Halen troughs and the Mayoral Bangers are a few high end quartz nails we carry at the shops. USA assembled and designed with the high class dabber in mind for a perfect dab every time.
Joel Halen Quartz TroughMayoral Quartz Banger

Let's Get Dabbing

Once we have decided the style of quartz banger we are going to add to our rig or water pipe, it's time to try and take our first dab. Make sure to have all of your necessities handy and ready to go. You're going to need a torch, a dab tool, the concentrate that your going to dab, and your assembled rig with your banger. Carb Caps and other accessories are a great addition to a perfect dab but not necessarily needed.

Heating up your Quartz Banger

Take your torch and ignite it, aiming the flame away from anything flammable at all times. Make sure to evenly distribute heat on the base of your banger without heating up the glass from your rig or water pipe. Your banger will only take about 20 seconds or so to heat up to a proper temp.
*Note, If the banger starts to change colors and glow stop heating and let cool
Make sure to allow your banger to cool for about ten seconds to make sure the intense heat from the torch dissipates and cools to a proper dab temp. Once you are satisfied with the proper temperature, go ahead and use your dab tool to place a dab into your quartz banger.
Placing Dab Into Quartz Banger
As you place your dab into your banger, start to draw from the mouthpiece to allow the vapor to move through your rig or water pipe. If you have a carb cap, then now is the time to place your cap on top of the banger. The carb cap will create a diffusion of air and smoke, allowing your dab to roll and make for a much longer and satisfying hit.
Carb Cap On Banger


Thanks for taking some time to learn a little about quartz bangers and how to use them. Following these steps will have even the most novice dabber dabbing like a pro in no time at all.
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ZoomPuff 4/20 2020 Online Music Festival and Smoke Session

We couldn't celebrate 4/20 together, so we brought 4/20 to you!

Zoompuff 420 music festival smoke session

April 20th was supposed to be the big day! 4/20 2020! But it wasn't the celebration that many of us had in mind. While "4/20" and "social distancing" don't exactly go hand-in-hand, Myxed Up Creations and Yolo Rum were determined to do what we could do to bring the 420 celebration to you!

We've been celebrating April 20th 4/20 for 27 years and we weren’t about to let some global pandemic stop the tradition. Even though the traditional 420 celebrations may have gone up in smoke, Myxed Up Creations and Yolo Rum wanted to make sure that the two and a half decade long celebration streak continued with ZoomPuff LIVE.


The online music festival and live smoke session featured music performances from 4x Grammy-Nominated Bizkit N Butta on the Keytar, Howi Spangler from Ballyhoo!, Kenner from Resinated, musician and tour manager for Slightly Stoopid and SOJA Eric Swanson, and Ted Bowne from Passafire.

The online session also included a live Zoom conference room setup for everyone to enjoy 4:20pm (MDT) on April 20th 2020, together, as a community, at the same time.

So grab something to blaze! And let’s party like it’s 4:20 on 4/20 2020!

Pro tip: Start the video at 3:30 local time to enjoy the community smoke session at 4:20.

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More20 at Myxed Up 2019 Recap

The sights and sounds of More20 2019 at Myxed Up Creations

Myxed Up Mushroom at the Denver store for More20

Myxed Up Creations was excited to celebrate our 9th annual More20 event on Saturday October 19th and Sunday October 20th.  More20 was born in 2010 and has become our official customer appreciation celebration, and the perfect way to bridge the gap to the next 4/20.  A full year is too long to wait between 4/20 parties and Myxed Up Nation deserves a day that belongs to them, so this one is for you Myxed Up Fam!  Let's show some love for the people that really make this happen, our AMAZING Myxed Up customers!


Myxed Up Aurora crew for More20

Myxed Up Creations Colorado Springs storefrontWhen you walk into any Myxed Up Creations location, you can always count on being greeted with a smile!  The positive energy and vibes that we get back from our customers on More20 and 4/20 is contagious!  There is always an excitement and an anticipation leading up to the big days, and when the doors open up, you can feel the #MyxedUpLove in the air!  Within minutes of officially opening at 10 o'clock the legendary grab bags were already almost sold out. And just like that, we had our first Golden Ticket winners!  And the first of many winners throughout an awesome More20!

Aurora Golden Ticket Winner Colorado Grab Bag Golden Ticket Winner

Colorado Springs Golden Ticket Winner Aurora Grab Bag Golden Ticket Winner

More20 means that the Myxed Up Mushrooms get to come out and play. The reactions as the mushrooms frolic about the store is always quality!  You just never know what people are going to say or do in response to seeing the biggest mushroom they have most likely ever encountered.

Myxed Up Mushrooms in Denver Myxed Up Mushroom Aurora Chambers and Mexico

One of the pillars of the cannabis community are the glass blowers that make the art that we all love so much.  The unique hand blown glass made by local artists are an important part of any thriving scene.  As often as we can, we try our best to highlight these amazing artists to draw attention to their impressive skill set.  One of the best ways we can do that is to showcase these artists at work at our 4/20 and More20 events.  Once again we would like to thank these guys for coming down and spending their 420 with us!

Nicholas Lee of Fungal Frequency Glass  at the Denver store
Sandman Glass  at the Aurora store

Fungal Frequency Glass Blowing Myxed Up Denver

Fungal Frequency Glass More20 Myxed Up Denver sandman glass more20 Myxed Up Aurora

Sandman Glass Hand blown at More20

As with other recent editions of Myxed Up More20, one of the main highlights of the day and the weekend is always the musical performances. Once again we had musicians with a wide range of musical styles come down to the shops and share their talents with all of the Myxed Up Fam! It's always a great honor to have these local acts as our guests to be such an integral part of this amazing celebration. We would like to thank the following artists for lending us their talent.


Ryan.Manley -    
Subliminal -    
Synchronicity -    
Liquid Titanium - 


J Dirty   
DJ Steve Gonzo 

Colorado Springs

People Corrupting People
DJ Gravity - 

DJ Gravity
High Key -    
Affliction Music -   


From Beyond The Grave 

Ryan.Manley at More20 Myxed Up Denver Liquid Titanium at More20 Myxed Up Denver

DJ Synchronicity at More20 Myxed Up Denver DJ Subliminal at More20 Myxed Up Denver

DJ Steve Gonzo at More20 Myxed Up Aurora DJ Gravity on the wheels of steel at More20 Myxed Up Colorado Springs

DJ Gravity at More20 Myxed Up Colorado Springs Affliction Music at More20 Myxed Up Colorado Springs

D-Stylz and Bleezus Khrist at More20 Myxed Up Colorado Springs People Corrupting People at More20 Myxed Up Colorado Springs

Aurora More20 RSVP Contest Winner Aria vape Ryan.Manley Raffle win prize rig

Aurora More20 Raffle Winners Denver More20 Raffle Winners

Denver More20 DabBox Raffle Winners Ryan.manley with Phil and 250 Phil's Bills

Denver More20 50 Phil's Bills Winner Denver More20 100 Phil's Bills Winner

Colorado Springs More20 100 Phil's Bills Winner Colorado Springs More20 250 Phil's Bills Winner

Colorado Springs More20 RSVP Contest Winner Aria vape Colorado Springs More20 DabBox Raffle Winners

Thank you again to all of the Myxed Up Nation that came out to make this More20 another amazing adventure! You are the people that truly make this possible each and every year! We could not do this without your support day in and day out! The countdown to 4/20 2020 is REALLY ON NOW!

Phil's Bills Colorado Springs Myxed Up Mushroom Colorado Springs Cheba Hut More20 Munchies

Darren Aurora #MyxedUpLove Colorado Springs Music with Mushroom

Additional Photos courtesy of @djdeedeeeZest of Elegance

Fungal Frequency Glassblower on torch Myxed Up Mushroom Denver store

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Why are Video Games and Cannabis a Match Made in Heaven?

Cannabis and video games

Can you cultivate a better video game experience by consuming cannabis?

Thanks to improvements in technology, the rise of the smartphone and the growth of indie gaming, video games are more popular, accessible, and stimulating than ever. So what happens when you infuse your favorite digital pastime with cannabis? Find out with Myxed Up!

Game Time: Myxed Up with Cannabis

The Princess, Luigi, and the Myxed Up MushroomWhether you’re a fan of the latest gaming trends or stick to the classics, video games are one of our most popular pastimes for a reason. Not only do video games stimulate our imaginations and provide us an escape from the monotony of the day-to-day, these also provide gamers with a feeling of control that usually comes with the satisfaction of having learned—and mastered—a particular skill set or gameplay scenario.

Imagination also plays an important role here; in a world filled with uncertainty, in the virtual world, a gamer can be whomever or whatever they’d like. From zombie-killers to dragons or renegade soldiers. When it comes to cannabis and video games you’re only limited by your imagination- and how much weed you have at your disposal.

One major factor affecting our online engagements and video game engagements, is the lack of real world consequences, especially when you make a mistake. For example, in a video came, you can build your own empire, jump off of a bridge, or lift an entire school bus on your own because there are no “real life” factors at play that would result in negative consequences if you fail. Instead, you have the luxurious option of taking another toke and using as many lives as you need to develop a winning strategy.

Mario and Luigi share a Puffco Peak Super Mario Bros and Cannabis

Getting Paid to Play Video Games and Smoke Weed?

Did you know that there are professional gamers out there making hundreds of thousands of dollars just by playing video games? Professional American gamer Johnathan Wendel (Fatal1ty) did just that. Considered by many as “the first, and best, electronic competition player ever,” Wendel has earned over $450,000 in prize money during his career playing First Person Shooter games like Call of Duty, Doom 3, Counter-Strike, and more.

Wendel isn’t the only gamer to hit the big time. In fact, all eight of the highest paid video gamers in the world average almost half-a-million dollars each in annual prize money winnings. In addition to their winnings from tournaments or competitions, many of the top-tiered gamers also have some form of sponsorship or promotional income they earn passively or by playing in paid forums.

Can Cannabis Improve Your Game?

While more study is needed, some researchers believe that cannabis and gaming can be good for you. This is because video games, particularly newer ones, can help improve your hand-eye coordination while cannabis has been found to deliver significant antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties in lab studies. Together, the combination of reflex exercises and cannabis have the potential to deliver therapeutic benefits when it comes to lowering stress levels and exercising your brain.

Video games and cannabis may also help those coping dementia or Alzheimer’s by helping improve short-term memory retention. According to a test study performed by the Groningen Mental Enhancement Department in the Netherlands, scientists found that use of cannabis while gaming led to increased memory retention amongst Alzheimer’s patients.

According to one researcher:
“All the test subjects played increasingly challenging games each day, but half the group was also administered smoke. Would you believe that the marijuana test group scored 43 percent better memory retention than the control group? It was a far greater benefit to the marijuana-administered group than we could have imagined."

Princess and Mario hit a Zong Water Pipe The Myxed Up Mushroom with the Super Mario Bros. Yoshi and Mario get blazed

Ways to Elevate Your Gameplay this Weekend

Curious about which strains and games to try together? Try Myx-ing it up with these classics!

  • Go to battle with Blue Dream. With its hybrid effects of focus and relaxation, Blue Dream is the perfect strain for FPS games like Quake. This strain is also known to give you a nice boost of energy which makes it ideal for late night gaming sessions.
  • Find your sweet spot with AK-47. Another great first-person shooter strain, AK-47 is great for producing the perfect blend of relaxation and euphoria.
  • Work your strategy all night long with White Widow. Another popular strain known for its sativa-leaning hybrid effects, a toke or two of White Widow will leave you feeling relaxed, alert, and ready for your next big gaming marathon.
  • Liven up your gameplay with Lemon Kush. Not a fan of shooting games? Lemon Kush is the perfect strain to consume when you need brain power and focus. Try vaping or dabbing Lemon Kush to boost your creativity before slipping into your favorite puzzle game or trying to escape the labyrinth layer of your RPG.

Make the Most of Every Day by Myx-ing it Up!

Whether you are a medical marijuana patient or not, the benefits of consuming cannabis recreationally can be experienced in a number of ways. Let us know your favorite ways to Myx it up and which accessories help you get there—you never know, we might feature your testimonial in our next blog!

Special thanks to Karli Adams (@karli_canna) for the photography!  And to the models as Mario (@supermariodabs), Luigi (@jweeds_420), Princess Peach (@cannachrissy), and as Yoshi (@kristinebobean).

Products featured include the Puffco Peak, Zong Water Pipes, Jerome Baker Designs, ErrlyBird Torches.

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Overview of the Dime Bags Padded Pouches Line with Izzy Blazee

Don't wrap your favorite pipe in a t-shirt or a towel. Use a Dime Bag!

Dime Bags continues to remain a leader in the cannabis space bringing more to the market than just a bag. When you purchase Dime Bags you are doing more than keeping your, ahem, valuables protected. You are helping us change the face of an industry as a whole.  Designed to protect your most valuable treasures, Dime Bags has become the leader in the hemp accessories market making a high quality, timeless product with a high regard for detail.  Their expansive product line has a solution for just about any piece that you might have.  Whether you are trying to keep a simple hand pipe or a dab straw safe, or if you are trying to protect a much more valuable investment like a large water pipe or a rig, Dime Bags have an option for you. And just like Myxed Up Creations, Dime Bags is another Colorado proud company.



Video Transcript

What's up, everybody? It's your girl, Izzy Blazee, here with Myxed Up Creations, bringing you the latest, greatest, and hottest products on the market. Things that I would use, that you should use, so you can have the best experience.

Listen, we've all done it. You've grabbed your glass, put it in a t-shirt, put it in a backpack. You've wrapped it up in your mom's favorite towel that you know you shouldn't have, but you did, and now it smells bad. You don't want to go out and about constantly worrying about your glass, but also not taking care of your investment. One of my favorite things is not only rolling with nice glass, but rolling in style.

Dime Bags helps me do just that. It's literally got all of the options for all the girls and boys, who go and play with the big toys. You got a spoon, something simple, maybe a nectar collector, it's perfect for these small pouches. It also comes with a smell-proof bag.

Maybe you just want to take the coolest glass that you have, the biggest one, but you really want to cradle it like a baby. You can literally cradle it like a baby. You have the options of bigger sizes, more inserts, and a lot more safety options. So, in addition to the style, the color, the sizes, everything like that, probably one of the most important things that I care about and you'll care about as well is the odor. Is it going to smell? Especially when it's already been a piece of glass that's been used, that you're transporting back home to clean up. It is smell-proof. So, you're going to take care of your stuff, you're going to be protected, not only your glass, but yourself.

Are you ready to get on that same flow and pick out one of your next bags? Check it out at MyxedUp.com as well as all of the great Myxed Up creations in Colorado.

Come on down to your local Myxed Up Creations in DenverAuroraColorado SpringsPueblo and Grand Junction to check them out in person, or shop us online for all of your urban supply needs.

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2019 Myxed Up 420 Recap

 420 2019 at Myxed Up Creations was an epic day filled with amazing moments

Myxed Up 420 Zong raffle winners in Aurora

Myxed Up 420 2019 was an epic one indeed, and you couldn't possibly have ever asked for any better circumstances for this one.  The weather was sunny and warm, and spring was in step.  And this year, Myxed Up Nation's favorite holiday fell on a Saturday!  It was the perfect temperature on the perfect day.  It was every sunshine loving stoners dream come true!  A feeling of positivity and energy filled the air. 

The year 2019 was the 6th April 20th (4/20) with fully recreational cannabis in Colorado, and now there are 10 states (and Washington DC) with recreational cannabis laws already in the books.  For some reason there was this overwhelming feeling that the 4/20 holiday has officially moved from a counterculture phenomenon to the mainstream, peeling back a new layer of social acceptance.  Welcome to Colorado where you wouldn't be at all surprised if the person sitting next to you at church on Easter Sunday smelled like weed from their 4/20 party the night before.

Myxed Up Creations Denver Store Front

The day started out quickly at the brand new Myxed Up Creations location in Colorado Springs and Aurora as the sidewalk sales got the vibe right early.  Dabbin Dan was slanging glass with a frenzy and deals were being made left and right!  Between the line out the door of the dispensary next door and the crowded sidewalk sale, the scene was a party without a doubt.  Within minutes of officially opening at 10 o'clock the legendary grab bags were already almost sold out.

Dabbin Dan at the Sidewalk Sale in Aurora

One of the highlights of this year's 4/20 was, without a doubt, our stores 420 Zong raffle.  We called the winners of each stores Zong raffle winners first thing in the morning on Saturday, and I think it's safe to say we made it a very memorable 4/20 for 4 very lucky individuals.

Denver Zong Winner Pueblo Zong WinnerAurora 420 Zong Winner Colorado Springs 420 Zong Winner

One of the pillars of the cannabis community are the glass blowers that make the art that we all love so much.  The unique hand blown glass made by local artists are an important part of any thriving scene.  As often as we can, we try our best to highlight these amazing artists to draw attention to their impressive skill set.  One of the best ways we can do that is to showcase these artists at work at our 4/20 and More20 events.  Once again we would like to thank these guys for coming down and spending their 420 with us!

Nicholas Lee of Fungal Frequency Glass  at the Denver store
Eric Stecker  at the Aurora store
Malachi of The Other Glass  at the Colorado Springs store
Steezy Glass  at the Colorado Springs store

Fungal Frequency Glass Eric Stecker Glassblower
Colorado Springs Glassblower Glassblower holding borosilicate glass pipe
Glassblower Glassblower at Myxed Up Colorado Springs
Fungal Frequency Myxed Up Denver Glassblower Nicholas Lee AKA Fungal Frequency
Borosilicate glass pipe hand blown Finished borosilicate glass pipe

At 3:00pm we had the motherload of grub arrive to satisfy all of our munchies!  Now we had a chance to fill our bellies with some delicious food.  By now the music was pumping at all of our stores!  Yes, now it was a party!  And with only an hour until 4:20pm, the smoke session of the year, it officially felt like the 4/20 vibe was right on point!


As with other recent editions of Myxed Up 420, one of the main highlights of the day was the music. Once again we had musicians with a wide range of musical styles come down to the shops and share their talents with all of the Myxed Up Fam! It's always a great honor to have these local acts as our guests to be such an integral part of this amazing celebration. We would like to thank the following artists for lending us their talent.


Ryan.Manley -    
Thanom -   
Fathomless -   
Easy Lovin' -    


Chris Laplante of P-Nuckle -    
J Dirty   
DJ Steve Gonzo 
Trayveon McDaniel (and friends)

Colorado Springs

DJ Gravity - 
Troy Good Music -    
Harry Mo Music (and The CRU) -  

Live Painting by Em.Aye.Ee -  


The DJ Squad  
Drexz -   

Thanom and Fathomless from Sub.Mission and Black Box Ryan.Manley
Harry Mo Music Colorado Springs Harry Mo Music  (and the CRU) Colorado Springs
Drexz at Myxed Up Pueblo Hip-Hop artist Drexz at Myxed Up Pueblo


The icing on the cake for every Myxed Up 420 in recent memory has always been the raffle.  Up for grabs this were were three levels of Phill's Bills winners.  $250 for first, $100 for second, and a $50 spot for third.  We also had the pleasure of dishing out three more prizes at each location, with Dab Box and Dab Box Kings from Snowcloudz, as well as a High5 E-nail!  Seeing the smiles on the winners faces makes it a highlight that is hard to top.

Denver 250 Phil's Bills Denver Raffle winner
Aurora raffle winner Aurora Colorado Raffle Phil's Bills winner
Colorado Springs raffle winner Colorado Springs Phil's Bills winner
Pueblo 250 Phil's Bills winner Pueblo 100 Phil's Bills Raffle winner

After the exciting conclusion of the raffle we tried to make sure that no one walked away empty handed, as we gave away a boatload of t-shirts to anyone and everyone that stuck it out to the end.  And with that, another amazing 420 was in the books.  Finally, it was time to kick off our shoes and enjoy 4/20 as a participant!  

Thank you again to all of the Myxed Up Fam that came out to make this 4/20 another epic excursion!  You are the people that truly make this possible each and every year!  The countdown to 4/20 2020 is on!

420 Myxed Up Aurora Crew 420 Myxed Up Aurora Crew Sarah and Rachael
Pot Heads at Myxed Up Aurora Myxed Up 420 Munchies
Colorado Springs Myxed Up Mushroom Mural Myxed Up Denver crew Liz and Agent Skwrl
420 in Denver Denver Raffle Winner
Denver Raffle Winner Denver Raffle Winner High 5 E-Nail
420 Art Myxed Up Creations Colorado Springs Colorado Springs Myxed Up Mushrooms
Colorado Springs Crew Glassblower finished Rig
Pueblo Crew Myxed Up Pueblo Crew
Myxed Up Aurora Winners Denver 5800 Raffle Winner

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Overview of the Happy Dab Kit with Izzy Blazee

Designed for the dabber on the go, the Happy Dab Kit has everything to dab anywhere

If you're on the go, and you're looking for convenience the Happy Dab Kit is just right for you.  If you love your glass and you want the best dabbing experience look no further.  Keep your piece protected and have the accessories you need, all packed into a small and convenient zippered carrying case.  Great for a beginner, or a pro, the kit is easy to use, and easy to take with you for an awesome portable dab session set-up.


Video Transcript

What's up everybody, it's your girl Izzy Blazee here with Myxed Up Creations, bringing you the latest, the greatest, and the hottest products on the market that I would use, that you should use too so you can have the greatest experience.

Like I’ve said before, I'm constantly on the go. I love my glass, but I don't want anything to happen to it and then I get tired of carrying my torch and all of those things. So how can I get that fixed? The one thing that I absolutely love, My Happy Dab Kit. The Happy Dab Kit comes with everything you need. Not only does it come with the case that's basically protecting your glass, no more big torch lugging around. It has the perfect sized torch that delivers the right amount of heat to heat up your titanium tip. The titanium tip is going to provide maximum heat. Don't worry about breaking anything or getting anything too hot. They provide two silicon containers.

As I mentioned before it comes with the titanium tip, that is inserted right into the glass like so. You're just going to apply the heat to the end of the titanium tip for about 20 seconds. After that you're going to lightly hover over your product in the silicone container or a container of your choice. And have a great time.

Want to get on my flow and get your own? Make sure you check out Myxed Up online as well as all of the great locations in Colorado. If you have any questions as well they can help you out.

Myxed Up Creations can get you set up with everything that you need to take your party mobile.  Now you can have everything you need right at your fingertips.

Come on down to your local Myxed Up Creations in Denver, Aurora, Colorado SpringsPueblo and Grand Junction to check them out in person, or shop us online for all of your urban supply needs.

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