Yocan Dive Electronic Concentrate Pen Overview Video

Yocan Dive Electronic Concentrate Pen Overview Video

Yocan Dive Electronic Concentrate Pen Overview Video

An electronic upgrade to the nectar collector style dab straw

Yocan Dive Concentrate Pen Video Cover

Are you ready to launch your dab game to the next level in 2020?  Check out the Dive by Yocan.  The Dive is an electronic nectar collector style concentrate pen with a ceramic coil that produces some of the best tasting vape and some of the best clouds you can get from any concentrate device!

Yocan Dive Electronic Concentrate Pen Overview from Myxed Up Creations on Vimeo.

YoCan is back at it again with more dank products for those of you that like taking dabs on the go but don't want to worry about a torch!  The Dive is an electronic dab straw that really packs a punch!

Video Transcript

Hey, what's up guys? Today we're going to be talking about the Dive from Yocan.

First things first, we're going to show you what's inside the box. We've got the Dive pen, comes with the charger, and it comes with an extra tip.

Next we're going to show you how to turn the Dive on. We've got the silver button here. One, two, three, four, five. See the flashing green button? Green light lets you know that the device is turned on. Then we use the magnetic closure here, you expose your coil.

You have three different temperature settings with your Dive. One, two, three switches you between your lowest, your medium, and your high setting. Your white light is your lowest setting: one, two, three. Your red setting is going to be your medium setting: one, two, three. Your green setting is going to be your highest setting. Now, why is that important? We want something with a little bit less vapor production, we're going to go down to a lower temperature setting. We want that one hitter quitter option, we're going to crank it up to the highest setting.

With this guy, this is going to be your mouthpiece. The only reason you'd ever really need to open this guy up is to clean your mouthpiece up here. You will build a little condensation from product on the inside.

When we're actually ready to dab with the Dive, you want to make sure that your device is at a 45 degree angle and you're going to touch your concentrates. With this device, it's very important to make sure that you're utilizing your angles. As we can see, this guy's not very wide open on the top. We want to encourage airflow on the inside.

To charge the Dive, you're going to utilize your in-kit micro USB charger and it plugs in right on the side here. What you want to do is when you pull it out of the box, make sure that you use it until it's completely dead. It does have about a quarter to half charge on it or a demo charge. Once this little light won't stop flashing at you and it's generally going to be a white light, when that won't start flashing at you, plug this in and monitor it for about two to three hours or until this light turns green. Whichever happens first is totally okay. The worst thing that you can do with your Dive is overcharge it. Once you've overcharged it, it does eliminate a lot of the battery memory out of this and you won't have your device for as long as you're going to want.

To clean the Dive, you're going to want to maintain your heating elements here. As we can see, this is a ceramic chamber up here. It's very, very, very simple to maintain. All you need to do is take a Q-tip with the tiniest little bit of alcohol on it or utilize an alcohol prep pad and wipe off the top. The cleaner that the top piece is, the better air flow that you're going to get, ultimately the better dab you're going to have.

And that guys is the Dive by Yocan. You can pick this up at any Myxed Up location or at here online!

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