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The Flower Power Grinder is the fastest and most powerful electric herb grinder on the market?

Today on Myxed Up TV Todd gives us a look at a brand new product at Myxed Up Creations, The Flower Power Grinder.  This grinder is a revolutionary electric herb grinder, that will have you grinding your teas, potpourri, tobacco, or just about any herbs you like, with power and ease.  The Flower Power Grinder will save you time, with it's high powered motor and the extra durable stainless steel grinding blade.  And if you are an individual with arthritis, or you suffer with other hand mobility issues, The Flower Power Grinder is so easy to use that anyone can enjoy the benefits.  Included in the package are a handful of useful accessories that make The Flower Power Grinder an excellent value.  If you are an individual that likes to grind up your herbs to roll your own hand rolled cigarettes, if you vape with any regularity, or even if you just like to puff on a classic pipe, the Flower Power Grinder is perfect for you.

You can find The Flower Power Grinder, as well as many other herb grinding options at any of our four Colorado locations in Denver, Aurora, Colorado SpringsPueblo, and Grand Junction, Colorado, as well as right here on our website.

Video Transcript

Hey everybody. Todd here for Myxed Up Creations, and today we’ve got a great new product for you it's called The Flower Power Grinder. It's a brand new revolutionary electric herb grinder that you can only get from Myxed Up Creations right now.  So stay tuned with us. What we're going to do today is open this guy up. We’re gonna show you all the ins-and-outs how to use it and it even has a few specialties to it as well, so stay tuned.

Alright folks, thanks for sticking with me. Today we're going to be showing you The Flower Power Grinder. It's a new electric grinder on the market. Really nice. At first glance this box looks great. I mean look at all the detail they’ve put into this. Nice front window. Very hard and sturdy designed box. Let's get into this and take a good look. Very nice and sturdy right out of the box here. So this is it folks. Very nice. It’s got the lid on the top. Grinding plate on the bottom there. This part comes out for your pan, so everything locks in nicely together here so it doesn't pop out on you. And this is your lid for your bowl that goes nice on top. Then you just push down. That turns it on. Super simple. We're going to actually... we’ll plug this in and grind a little bit for you here in a second. I’ll show you what else comes in this box so. Here we have the vacuum lid. This actually goes down on top of here, and I'll show you the vacuum pump for that guy in a little bit. This other lid, this is actually a lid for your grinder. So after you're done grinding if you have to put your stuff in here you can put a lid on this so you don't get any dust or anything else inside of your actual grinding wheel. Next in the box I have the pump.  So this is the vacuum pump that comes with the grinder. Pretty simple. This guy sits down on top of here. Give it a few pumps. I'll definitely show you how that all takes care of as well. You're also going to get a nice silicone brush as you can see here. Flower Power silicone brush. This is both to get out of here and out of here, and helps you keep your terps and stuff, they don’t really stick or anything else, get’s all that out. Let’s see. We’ve got an instruction manual. Looks like some caution guidelines and some assembly.  Very simple. And then an extension cord, so that way if you're too far away from your wall, you just plug that into that and it goes even further. But for today, I’m not going to need to use the extension cord. I have a cord right here already. Plug that in. Alright. And we are going to do a demo here with some dried herbs for you guys, so you can see what we got here. I'm going to go ahead and take and put some herb in there. And we’re gonna take this herb and just drop it right down inside of here. Very simple. Take this, put it right on top of your bowl. It sits on really nicely. And then all you have to do is just give it a nice buzz. I’ll try and turn it so you can see it a little bit.  Pretty simple, I mean that was literally like a second. You can do it one more second. Once it stops, turn it upside down and everything falls out right into your jar. As you can see, there's a little bit down in there, but that’s what our brush is for. And that looks actually really good in there. But if you're not going to use up all of your herbs, what you'll do next is you can take your lid here, and that goes down on top. And if you look right here, there’s a little tiny nipple. So what’ll happen is, we’ll put this pump on top of here. And then we’ll pull up, and pull up. And if you do that like three times. And then, we’ll look at our lid. See that little button right there how it’s depressed? That means we’re vacuum sealed. So there you go. Nothing's gonna come out. It’s gonna stay nice and fresh inside of your jar here. Pretty easy to get off there. You just pop it open. Other than that though it's a pretty nice unit. I really enjoy this guy. The new blade system in there has been reworked. Usually, you know, a basic coffee grinder... you'll burn out a coffee grinder in maybe a month or two. But with these guys, they’ll go through maybe 20 different coffee grinders before you would go through one of The Flower Power Grinder. So really tried and true on that. The motor in there is a 5000 RPM motor, 200 watt motor. So it really does very well with the grinding. It really gets a lot done. You can do almost up to an ounce, I think, at a time in this grinder.  If you're having trouble with your hands, you have arthritis or anything. Just the simplicity in all of this just makes it easy for anybody. If you roll a lot or vape a lot, you might need something like this. If you're doing teas or even potpourri, you can grind pretty much any herb up that you would like, so. Thanks for watching this tutorial guys. We appreciate it. Remember, The Flower Power Grinder.

Alright guys, as you can see, The Flower Power Grinder is going to be one of the new revolutionary electric grinders on the market. You can pick these up at all Myxed Up Creations locations. You can pick ‘em up at You can pick them up at Make sure that if you like our videos and our tutorials do you subscribe to the link below. And check us out on Facebook and Instagram. We appreciate it. So, have a good one guys.

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