Myxed Up Best Head Shop in Westword Best of Denver 2023

Myxed Up Wins Best Head Shop in Westword Best of Denver 2023

Myxed Up Wins Best Head Shop in Westword Best of Denver 2023
Westword Best of Denver 2023

Denver's Best Head Shop

Myxed Up Creations was thrilled an honored to be selected as the "Best Head Shop" in the Westword Best of Denver 2023 edition.  Best of Denver is a great annual tradition carried out by the Westword staff, as they award hundreds of Denver-area personalities, restaurants, bars and shops with the coveted accolades.

The article points out that "Myxed Up Denver is one of the city's largest head shops, embracing hemp, CBD and all things counterculture that have sprouted up in Colorado over the years."  When you have spent 30 years in Denver you see things that were once viewed as counterculture, simply become culture.

The owner Phil Guerin started Myxed Up in the basement of his parents Park Hill home making clay mushroom wearable art. The original store opened on East Colfax Avenue in Denver over 30 years ago.  Since then Myxed Up has been a trendsetter in the retail industry.  The cherished "BEST OF DENVER" award from Westword validates a commitment to the communities Myxed Up serves.

Phil Guerin boasts, "We love our people and our people love us! Myxed Up has brought much happiness to many lives. We have positively impacted thousands of lives through our stores and philanthropical endeavors."

See the full Myxed Up feature in the Westword Best of Denver 2023 Cannabis & More category.

Additional coverage by IssueWire - Myxed Up selected Westword's "Best of Denver" Best Head Shop.


  • Congrats dude! I remember my older brother wearing his Myxed Up Creations shirt with his JNCOs back in about 1997!!! I remember thinking, “IDK what Myxed Up Creations is but if Brian’s got a shirt from there, it’s guaranteed to be just as cool as him!” Once I was old enough, I found this to be totally true!

    Lynsey on

  • Great place. I’ve been knowing the manager of the Colfax store since he was a clerk in Aurora. Awesome service with an awesome selection

    Rick Elmore on

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