Magical Butter Herbal Infuser


Butter, Oil, Tinctures and More... All in one with a Magical Butter Herbal Infuser!

Just push a button and watch the Magic Butter Herbal Infuser go to work on almost anything you can imagine. The fully automatic, microprocessor controlled program sequences create less hassle and more production. The Magic Butter makes your recipes bolder by extracting nutrients directly into your butter, cooking oil, alcohol, and YES even lotions. Integrated thermostat and sensors bring laboratory grade controls right to your kitchen.


  • Two-button simplicity for effortless ease of use
  • Pitcher constructed of stainless steel
  • makes 2-5 cups per cycle
  • botanical oil in 1 hour
  • botanical butter in 2 hours
  • botanical tincture in 4 hours
  • concentrated botanical oil in 5 hours
  • Recipes
  • Self cleaning