Best Rolling Papers, Based on Experience

Best Rolling Papers, Based on Experience

Best Rolling Papers, Based on Experience

Refine the way you roll by picking your cannabis rolling papers based on the experience they provide.

As many experienced cannabis consumers know, there is an art to rolling the perfect joint or blunt. That means choosing the right cannabis rolling papers or blunt wraps can make or break your experience. Discover how to roll with the best of them by starting with the right materials.

Picking the Right Cannabis Rolling Paper

Cannabis rolling papers are made from a number of different materials, including hemp, rice, wood pulp, paper, palm leaves, and even cellulose. Regardless of the rolling paper you opt for, it’s important to keep a few points in mind before choosing your rolling paper:

  • How many people will be smoking?
  • How much cannabis are you planning on using?
  • What kind of flavor and temperature experience are you looking for?

What to Expect from a Rolling Paper

Given the wide array of options when it comes rolling papers, it’s important to know that some rolling papers are treating with bleach and other chemicals that are potentially harmful. Because of this, brands like Raw and King Palms, have been able to establish themselves through providing cannabis consumers with high-quality, unbleached rolling papers at a reasonable price point.

The Difference Between White and Brown Rolling Papers

Depending on the source material and manufacturer, rolling papers have different porosities, some of which help control ventilation and burning rate. Cannabis rolling paper can contain additional chemicals that slow down the burning, or otherwise stabilize the paper, its smoke, and even its ash. Typically, white rolling papers will have a chemical aspect because of the addition of chlorine or calcium carbonate, to help slow down your joint’s burn. Using a glass tip or filter can also help you make the most of your green and avoid burned fingertips.

Size Always Matters when it comes to Joints

Other factors to consider when choosing your rolling paper include size and thickness. Rolling papers come in a variety of sizes, spanning the traditional joint (approximately 3-4 inches) all the way to sizes that are almost a foot long. While there aren’t any official industry standards (yet), common sizes include:

  • 68-70mm long, 34-36mm wide
  • 76-78mm long, 45-48mm wide
  • 76-78mm long, 60-62mm wide
  • 76-78mm long, 63-88mm wide
  • 100-110mm long, 55-60mm wide
  • 105-110mm long, 42-46mm wide

In addition to size, the thickness of your rolling paper will define how fast and the temperature at which your joint will burn. (Pro Tip: Typically, thinner rolling papers allow more air to pass through the joint, providing a slower and more consistent burn.)

Savor the Flavor of Your Smoke

With hundreds of flavors available from dozens of companies, flavored or printed joint papers can add a bit of flair and flavor to a group smoke session or a solo puff party. Alternately, if you truly enjoy the taste of cannabis flower, opting for organic rolling papers is a sure fire way to preserve the integrity of your cannabis experience.

Stay Classic with Wood Pulp

Wood pulp rolling papers are one of the most popular kinds of rolling papers for a number of reasons. Their texture makes them easy to handle, and can also be blended with other fibers, making them a dynamic material to work with. While wood pulp rolling papers are available in different thicknesses (as well as bleached or unbleached) on average, these papers are thicker and have more texture than more modern papers.

Elements Rice Papers

Rock Your Roll with Rice Paper

With all-natural ingredients, the best rice rolling papers are usually thinner and smoother in texture than other rolling papers. While rice rolling papers are often easier on a users’ lungs, the texture, thickness and size of the papers may make rolling a difficult task for beginners. More delicate than other papers, rice joint papers are also prone to deteriorate in damp conditions.

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