Budget Glass Pipes


You really can't go wrong with a pipe for $4.20

These are best described as "Budget Glass Pipes."  We also like to call them 420 pipes, because they cost 4 dollars and 20 cents.  These pipes are functional, and they will get the job done.  You won't win any awards when you take these out to smoke at the party, and they might not be the most durable, but for $4.20, you get what you'd expect.  A nice smoke, and it's easy on the wallet.  Plus you don't have to get too upset if you break it.  Don't worry, they are easy to replace.  These pipes are about 3 inches in length.  

Each pipe is unique, and may not be an exact replica of pipes pictured.

These pipes come in a variety of of color combinations, and availability may vary.

If you really want a specific color, please feel free to leave us a note in the order.  Otherwise it's like putting a quarter in the gumball machine.  Prepare to be excited beyond words as we send you a $4.20 pipe and surprise you with the color.