JZ 230 Digital Pocket Scale by J Scale


A perfect pocket size Scale the JZ 230 Digital Pocket Scale by J Scale.

The JZ 230 Pocket Scale is our most compact digital scale. Weighing in increments of  g, oz, ozt, or dwt and with a range on 230g x 0.1g. Each scale has an energy saving feature to auto turn off and a bright blue back lit display screen. The JZ 230 has a limited twenty year warranty.


  1. Press the POWER/T Button to turn scale ON, Hold button for 3 seconds to turn OFF.
  2. Press The M Button to toggle between the weighing units


  1. Ensure the scale is OFF and place on a stable surface.
  2. Press and hold the M and P/T buttons, Release when the display shows AD value (a series of random numbers).
  3. Press P/T again, the LCD display will show CAL then the required calibration weight.
  4. Place the required calibration weight on the tray and press the P/T button. The display will show Pass.
  5. Calibration is complete. remove the weight and continue.