Kushy Klouds Slide-on Foam Sandals Womens


Kushy Klouds super cozy pillow slide-on foam sandals


The Myxed Up version of the classic pillow slide-on foam sandal. The ultimate in casual, this open-toed sandal is a perfect fit for a day of relaxing at the pool or enjoying a day of fun in the sun at the beach! Kushy Klouds are a therapeutic cushion slip-on that compresses and relaxes your foot with each step. Pick between the classic solid strap or the double adjustable strap with buckles. Both styles come in four color options.

These slide-ons are made out of a super soft, flexible, and waterproof material. Slip into these extremely comfortable squishy slides. Kushy Klouds give you pillow-like comfort with every step.

Built with 4.5cm thick, anti-chafe, anti-slip EVA compression material to support and comfort your feet at all times. The softness reduces the pressure of walking, get a pair for both outside and inside for all-day comfort.


Approximate size 10.5-11.5 inches x 4 inches x 4.5 inches

Weighs approximately 9.8 ounces