Myxed Up Rolling Tray Small


Roll it up on an exclusive Myxed Up Creations Small Rolling Tray

Made with high edges and rounded corners so herbs and tobacco don't get lost or ground into the corners of the tray. No more mess, no more waste. This rolling tray is comprised of a hard melamine resin plastic material. This sleek and colorful rolling tray provides you with the perfect surface to roll your herbs and tobacco with ease.

Small size Myxed Up rolling tray is 8.5" x 5.5"

Available in the following Designs:

  • California Flag - California flag with a single weed leaf replacing the star
  • Cassette - Myxed Up cassette mix tape in vibrant green
  • Colorado Flag - Colorado flag with a green weed leaf across the center
  • Mushroom - Legendary Myxed Up Mushroom in a color splash design
  • Reticello - Reticello glass design featuring the Myxed Up Mushroom
  • Weed - The herb stash designed with the dankest buds in mind