O.penVAPE Refillable Cartridge


This empty O.penVAPE 0.5ml refillable cartridge can be filled with the herbal oil of your choice

Empty O.penVAPE 0.5ml refillable cartridge for use with your O.penVAPE battery or O.penVAPE Fill It Yourself (FIY) Kit.  Can be filled with any herbal oil of your choice.

If you're looking for all the pieces to mix your own oil, check out the full O.penVAPE FIY Kit. It comes with all the essentials, including the O.penVAPE battery and more.

*Product available in-store only* - Due to P.A.C.T. Act and Vape Mail restrictions we are no longer able to ship this product, as of March 2021. Please visit one of our locations or contact us for further assistance.