OG Myxed Up Fimo Mushroom Necklace


Original Old School Myxed Up Mushroom Necklace

That's right, they're back and the OG Myxed Up Mushroom Necklace is even better than before! Every Myxed Up Mushroom necklace is hand crafted by our owner Phil, sculpting Fimo clay designs utilizing the millefiori technique at his shop in Denver, Colorado. The color is in the mushroom design, not painted on! No two Mushrooms are the same much like a snowflake. Many of the designs have mysterious UV designs that are revealed by ultraviolet blacklight.

Our original Myxed Up Mushroom necklaces come with a 30” silver or black ball chain (made in the USA) plus a 4” ball chain to convert the Mushroom into a zipper pull, keychain, bag charm or whatever else you can imagine. Every Mushroom comes with a mini-UV light (unless not UV reactive), and an exclusive Mushroom sticker.

Each design is made in limited quantities and once they're gone, they're gone.