Snowcloudz Titanium E-Nail Mini

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Snowcloudz Titanium E-Nail Mini

Once you have used the Snowcloudz Titanium E-Nail Mini, you will see why this E-Nail completes your concentrate arsenal. If you aren't using an E-Nail, you never know what temperature the nail really is with a torch and nail, plus you are potentially wasting gas. However with a Snowcloudz E-Nail Mini, you can set the exact temperature you want to vaporize your concentrates at. This awesome product by Snowcloudz means no more overheated nails, and a more evenly heated E-Nail. 

The Snowcloudz Titanium E-nail (electronic nail) Mini is a small unit, and heats up quickly, and cleans up easily.


  • 1 Control Box
  • 1 Titanium Nail
  • 1 Charging Cord
  • 1 Heating Cord (20mm DIA)
*Product available in-store only* - Due to P.A.C.T. Act and Vape Mail restrictions we are no longer able to ship this product, as of March 2021. Please visit one of our locations or contact us for further assistance.