Thicket All-In-One Portable Smoke Device


Portable, compact and leakproof all-in-one Smoke Device 

The Thicket all-in-one smoke device is designed for the on-the-go users that likes to have an all-in-one cannister without spilling any water while traveling. The discreet, sleek look of a water bottle that transforms into a water pipe, makes everything easier. A leakproof water pipe, providing the simple pleasure of having everything you need in one sleek, traveling canaster in disguise. With the built-in enclosed percolation filtration system and the disguised storage of the glass bowl attachments & accessories, all you need to do is to add water. 

The Thicket all-in-one is perfect for camping, backpacking, concerts, hanging at the beach or other outdoor fun and sits in any cup holder comfortably. 

*Smell Proof *Glass Bowls and Neck *Leak Proof *Glass Percolator *Portable/Compact *Ash Catcher

***Limited color options available

Kit includes: 1 Glass Percolator, 1 Glass Bowl, 1 Glass neck & Canister

Approximate size 6.8 inches x 2.5 inches x 2.5 inches