Triton T3 Digital Pocket Scale by My Weigh




Big or Small, Triton T3 Digital Pocket Scales Weighs Them All

Each scale has a durable shelled case to reduce damage and wear on the scale. From My Weigh, the Triton T3 has a limited 30 year warranty and must be registered online within two weeks of purchase date.

Do not exceed the maximum capacity of the Triton T3 at any time. only operate it on stable, vibration free surfaces.

400g x 0.01g capacity with 0.01g precision.


  1. Press POWER button to turn on or off the scale
  2. Press UNIT to select a weighing unit; g, oz, dwt, ozt, gn, ct
  3. Start weighing

Tare Setting

  1. Turn on scale as described above
  2. PLace the "tare item" on the platform
  3. Press >0< and wait until "0.0" is displayed
  4. Add the "net-weight-item"


  1. Turn scale OFF and place on a flat, stable surface
  2. Press the POWER key, the display will show "0.00"
  3. Press and hold the UNIT key for 5 seconds, the display will show "CAL"
  4. Press UNIT again, the display will show "200.00g"
  5. Gently place a 200g weight on the tray, the display will show "400.00"
  6. Gently add another 200g weight on the tray and wait 3 seconds.
  7. The display will show "PASS" calibration in complete.
Note: The cover is removable when fully open and can be used as an expansion tray.

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