Zong Glass Water Pipe Double Kink Fat Series Beaker


Zong! Fat Series Double Kink Water Pipe. Made in the USA

Zong! Glass originally started in the early 90's in San Diego, California. Zong Glass has been a formidable glass manufacturer in the world of pipes and water pipes for over 20 years!

Zong Water pipes are primarily known for their kinked tube design in their water pipes, and the kinks serve for more than one function. The kinks in the water pipe allow the user to lay the pipe down horizontally without the fear of spilling water or worry about the water pipe being knocked over and breaking. The kinks also provide a water break or splash guard for maximum hits without drinking your water when you clear your Zong. 

Zong Glass Water Pipe Double Kink Fat Series Glass on Glass Beaker. 

*Downstem and bowl included*

  • 14mm glass Bowl
  • 14mm glass on glass downstem
  • 50mm diameter
  • 5mm thick tube
  • Approximately 18 inches tall
  • Zong! Logo

- sku ZF150-BK -